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ELBE Universal Shafts

ELBE universal shafts will offer a longer life expectancy with less weight and a smaller space envelope than equivalent Spicer assemblies. The universal joints have a superior sealing arrangement as well as the option of stainless lubrication fittings in the ends of all four caps. The slip spline sections are made with a closer tolerance and are of a rolled involute spline design vs. the straight-sided Spicer SAE coarse spline. The entire spline section is Rilsan coated with a lip type seal for corrosion resistance. ELBE components allow us to balance to a much higher quality level.

We will assist with initial machinery layouts to ensure proper shaft alignment. This includes critical speed calculations as well as providing all necessary data for a TVA (Torsional Vibration Analysis) of the complete rotating mass system. We are also able to provide TVA’s either in short form or as full bound reports. When the machinery layout requires the connection of a universal shaft to the engine flywheel, we will specify and supply the correct torsionally dampened flywheel coupling. This may be flywheel mounted or a flanged housing style with 2-stage elements for superior performance when remote gears are used, especially if considerable time is spent at idle/manoeuvring.

Marine Drive Shafts

There are many gear, jet and remote stern-drive flange connections. Coast Powertrain has full in house machining capabilities to supply the shaft assemblies ready to bolt in, with all fasteners included. Shafts can be supplied painted with 2-part epoxy paint to your colour code.

We are familiar with most methods of bulkhead sealing presently in use and have developed our own modified split housing style seal. This seal may be used on the OD of the driveline tubing and will accommodate the necessary angular and radial misalignment encountered with excursions of soft engine mount systems.

Propulsion shafting for engine ratings from very low to over 2000hp are part of our normal scope of supply. Our staff has extensive marine experience with such projects as recent re-power of the RCMP Arneson drive vessels (2 x 800hp…1 on the East Coast and 2 on the West Coast), several whale watching jet drive vessels (in the 2 x 400hp range…from Newfoundland to BC) and another 2 x 800hp tourist excursion vessel undergoing sea trials this week. We regularly refurbish the shafts used on ship assist and towboat vessels with large horsepower Z-peller style outdrives.

In addition to representing ELBE wherever universal shafts are specified, Coast Powertrain works directly with head office engineering of manufacturers such as Centa, Vulkan, Voith, Ringfeder/Arcusaflex, Cooper Bearing and John Crane/Lips/Wartsila. This ensures all components complement one another with respect to both performance and “bolt-up”. This also allows the supply of other shafting arrangements (gear coupling, disc coupling, flexible element, carbon fibre, fluid coupling) that may be specified when the use of universal shafts is not possible.

Coast Powertrain and ELBE are able to ask the right questions about layout, engine torque curves, jet performance curves and duty cycles in order to provide very quick responses…for both one of and production run quantities.

Industrial and Marine Power Transmission and Propulsion Machinery

We have 3 locations with authorized status representing the premier manufacturers of both industrial and marine power transmission and propulsion machinery. Manufacturers representatives work directly with us throughout the duration of the projects. This provides local support as well as a direct link to factory engineering personnel. We can arrange all paperwork for shipment world-wide.

Each manufacturer is aware of all components proposed for the propulsion system. This ensures compatibility and minimizes interfacing problems often encountered when several different suppliers are used. Our area of expertise is power transmission. We are confident that our single source of supply approach will be of substantial benefit during the machinery installation phase. You are assured all components will mate properly with the minimum of man-hours required. We will work with you to verify machinery layout and ensure all fasteners are supplied.